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Synopsis of "The Remnant":

As mankind grew in number across the face of the earth, they were visited upon by otherworldly beings. This chance encounter brought many advances to further the progress of man but soon afterwards, the world became darkened by a time of troubles. From this chaos and turmoil that threatened all life rose a people that fought back against the darkness, and came to be known to the world as champions. Inheritors of an alien legacy, these men and women were heralds of power and although they were descendants of an unknown ancestry, they chose to serve as living guardians to aid mankind; joining them to defend the world from the horrors and nightmares born of the chaos. In time, the conflict was brought to an end, the nightmares banished, and an age of peace and prosperity was established. Sacrificing themselves they allowed mankind to enjoy a peace for over two millennia, and without the need of heroes, the times of troubles were soon forgotten; while the memory of those champions only survived in broken myths and legends

We prospered during that peace, regardless of a world without heroes, but unbeknownst to us something from the forgotten horrors of the old world had remained. It had survived the end war and in the silence of the champions' absence, it stirred from its dormancy to return to an unprepared world.

The original heroes are no more and their lineage has been forgotten… but all is not lost. Their legacy remains. Scattered among mankind are a special few; unaware of their ancestry… unaware of their purpose. These descendants, who have inherited the legacy of the old heroes, are all that remain to challenge the awakening threat. Given a chance, they will come to know this, they will come to know the truth and they will face a Relic of the past. It is the darkness of the world and they are to be a light.
This is the basis that the Remnant story begins on. I draw inspiration from the single chapter at Genesis 6 right before they talk about Noah and the flood. Its so vague and reads as if its obvious that i should know about what is being written about. "Hey you remember those giants from way back then..." (chuckles). I can't really say that it took much else to take what I got from that point and do some research of my own to find out what was so intriguing about that singular paragraph. All in all though, this piece, to my own dismay, is still in its rough beginning stages right now so I ask for anyone who is reading this and enjoys this idea to bare with me. Leave a comment even, while I assemble this piece of mine for you all to enjoy and get this snowball of an adventure rolling.

Also if anyone knows of a descent writer group I could join that would be most awesome!

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August 10, 2012
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